About Us

Permark Inc. is a leading manufacturer of custom name badges, signs & tags. Our expertise covers injection molding, hot stamping engraving, punch pressing, screen printing, digital printing and sublimation. We provide awesome products to companies throughout North America and beyond. With decades of experience behind us, we can provide you with a product to suit your needs and budget.

We provide our products to companies throughout North American and beyond through our amazing authorized distributors.
Bill Kirkpatrick
President ext. 236 bill@permarkbadges.com
Irene Hilden
General Manager ext. 253 irene@permarkbadges.com
Nannette Henson Jose
Customer Service ext. 233 nannette@permarkbadges.com
Jovanna (Jovie) Lacbanes
Customer Service ext. 251 jovanna@permarkbadges.com
Joanne Baggieri
Graphics Co-ordinator ext. 251 artwork@permarkbadges.com
Dalila McMehen
Customer Service ext. 234 dalila@permarkbadges.com

Emily Hilden
Release Program Co-ordinator ext. 231 emily@permarkbadges.com

Jessica Hilden
Sales Assistant ext. 230 jessica@permarkbadges.com

Permark Inc.
Canadian address/Plant:
81 Mack Ave.
Toronto, ON
Canada, M1L 1M5

US address:
2321 Kenmore Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14207

Phone: (416) 752-9144
Toll Free: (800) 263-5888
Toll Free Fax: (800) 387-6568

email: sales@permarkbadges.com
artwork: artwork@permarkbadges.com
release: release@permarkbadges.com

Website: www.permarkbadges.com
Badge Release On-Line: www.badgeprogram.com